Buktoof and Friends™ is a friendly non-violent children's
social networking site, that offers a fun educational way to learn through games, interactive exploration and cartoons.
  With the way Buktoof and Friends
explore and
learn through everyday life’s adventures, children
and parents around the world will quickly fall in love
with Buktoof and all of his adorable friends.

Buktoof and Friends Fun Friendly Sites Will Include:

· Games that are Interactive, Educational and Fun
· Fun Healthy Exercise and Nutritional Programs
· Discover, Explore and Learn Informational Adventures
· Create Your Own Characters and Member Pages
Monitored Children's Interactive Social Networking Areas
· Online Schooling and Educational Programs
· Entertaining Songs, Books and Stories for Children
· Fun Buktoof Clothing and Everday Products for Families
· Buktoof's Members can win Prizes, Scholarships and More
· Buktoof Foundation Mission is to help children in need
· "Buktoof's Green Earth" to help save the Environment
· Strategic Partnerships and Links
· And Much Much More!


Make A Difference In A Child's Life Today!
Become a Partner and get involved on this Explosive Ground Floor Opportunity with Buktoof and Friends

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Help Butoof and Friends
Make the World a Better Place
For Children!

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